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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mantequilla flavors "Bolinaw"

Perhaps you already had a rich treat of anchovies in vinegar, minced ginger, siling labuyo and realized why Cebuanos love to eat anchovies raw, in a serving style called “kinilaw”.

“Oh kinilaw nga bolinaw/ikaw ang akong gihuna-huna/buntag, udto, ug hapon/ikaw ang akong handumon suka, sili ug luy-a/kinilaw’ng bolinaw,” Mantequilla blares at the thought that its beloved Tañon Strait will soon be losing its communities of anchovies once impending oil explorations and reclamations of foreshores would become a government priority in the name of so-called progress and development.

This is the sentiment embedded in the song “Bolinaw”, flavored by the musical taste of Mantequilla from Pinamungajan town facing Tañon strait that separates Cebu from Negros province.

Mantequilla is comprised of Cliff Jude Cocjin (vocals, Computer Science student at the Cebu Doctors University), Salipada “Lip-lip” Cerna (drums, Physical Therapy student at CDU), Neefrey Cocjin (lead guitar, Radiologic Technology student, CDU), Jowell Rico (bass guitar, Electronics and Communications Engineering student at the University of Cebu) and Ric Ryan “Doming” Cañada (lead guitar, Electronics Technology student at the Cebu School of Science and Technology). Other than Doming who hails from Hilongos, Leyte, three of Mantequilla have all shared a melting and a solidifying of dreams and aspirations since they were classmates back in Sta. Monica Academy in Poblacion, Pinamungajan. Though Neefrey was a schoolyear ahead of the three, he hangs out with the pack as he is elder brother to Cliff Jude.

From teenage rascals to passionate musicians, the band considers their friendship through time as the backbone that gives strength to their attempt in pursuing their craft with the music of Deftones, Korn and Rage Against the Machine as influences.

In an interview with the group at their rented pad, it was learned that the first four guys mentioned above began to group as a band when they played for morning service in their high school campus right after the flag ceremony.

“Siyempre, pag run by sisters na-a man jud nay part after sa flag ceremony na we would sing praise music. Didto nagsugod ang among banda-banda,” Lip-lip said emphasizing how he started his “drumming” stint.
When asked on the choice of their band name, it was also learned that the group had chosen Mantequilla from five choices for its Spanish sound, and for the properties of butter which speak for the band’s versatility as it was able to play hardcore music years back, down to its Bisrock sound transition recently.

A firm solid when refrigerated, butter softens to spreadable consistency at room temperature and melts to a thin liquid consistency at 32-35 degrees Centigrade.

Besides, butter is the everlasting delight of the connoisseur, the faithful ally of the culinary arts, and the constant symbol of good living, food critics say.

It is also said that through time and across the globe, butter has had a sacred quality. From ancient civilization to date, butter has symbolized the powerful, life giving and sacred; the good, the happy, the healthy and pure. It has sustained lives, cultures and civilizations for millennia, though this has lately been refuted by health buffs and nutritionists for its high level of cholesterol.

It was also mentioned that butter is a culinary treasure as old as Egyptian King Tutankhamen’s tomb. In fact the Bible mentioned in Judges 5:25, “she brought forth butter in a lordly dish”.

And like the churning of milk to get the fat needed in the production of butter, agitation is part of the process, so as to come up with the best of the product. This happens at the collaboration in the pooling in of materials for the completion of the 10-track album.

Other than “Bolinaw”, “LQ (Lovers Quarrel)” and “Ibog-Ibog” are two songs that constantly receive airplay requests over at 93.1 Smash FM via the program “YourVoice, YourChoice Tingog Kabataan” because of the emphasis of the stages one has to go through when nurturing a romantic relationship.

Hearts would melt like butter at the romantic, introspective, interrogative lines of LQ, “nganong sige man gyud ta ug away, nganong dili ta magsinabtanay/ nganong wala man kay salig nako, undangon na lang ni nato/ngano kung ikaw ang sapoton, maabtan pag ugma usa maulian/ug ngano kung ako ang sapoton, gamay nimong gakos ako maulian.”

“Ibog-Ibog” is inspired by their “kilig” moments as teenagers getting a crush on the girls of their dreams, “Kung makakita ko nimo, makompleto gyud ang akong adlaw kay ikaw man ang akong kusog….kung kahibaw lang ka nga ikaw ang babaye sa akong damgo/ kung kahibaw lang ka nga unsa ko kalipay kung makita tika/ kung ako magul-anon ikaw dayon ang pangitaon.”

The other tracks talk of motherly love, like in “Mama”, which they would like to be highlighted in time for Mother’s Day; a look at life’s simple pleasures in “Pobre” and the struggle for survival in “Manglilimos”.

Noteworthy is the design of the album that’s a thought shower of Rayhoundz including the inverted victory signs to form the M for Mantequilla. Album is engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Cañada of Zzubu Recording Studio. To know more about the group, visit www.myspace.com/mantequilla2005. Email mantequilla_theband@inbox.com. For bookings, call Cliff Jude at 09174701262.