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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Was it that hard for the two of us?

Was it that hard for the two of us?

wondered upon these lonely steps
of an empty, frustrated heart
waiting for rhymes to flourish
from the creaking door of your touch
capturing elusive time
as the starless night deepened into eternity
poignant-sweet memories of you
spoiled the drowsiness in me!

wondering what went wrong
with the seed of love we'd sown
devoured by taunting, mocking seconds
on a cloudy, summer storm?
or trampled upon by huge waves
as they alternately pass
carrying upon their crests
the promises we'd woven once?

promises you'd whispered
kissed the abyss of my soul
wishing for more
but the traitor wind blew those
three lovely words away
was it that hard for the two of us?
for our feelings to stay?