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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Morga's Creek

Morga's Creek (A Comma Poem)

Silhouette, crept, past, slithering, streams, on, Morga's, bosom,
Spirits, were, set, for, adventure, - and, uncertainty, somewhat,
Shadows, as, huge, as, boulders, filled, Morga's, mountainscape,
Souls, carried, torches, ablaze, with, passion, for, the, outdoors,

Soft, shafts, of, moonlight, cut, deep, into, the, eerie, woods,
Sallying, Morga's, creek, hummed, hymns, on, immortality,
Souls, drank, the, gurgling, waters, and, mountain, dew,
Silent, songs, melted, abruptly, the, night, trekkers', hearts,