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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Moonrising in Sta. Fe

Moonrising in Sta. Fe

One Good Friday...
I watched the rough rhythm of Sta. Fe's waters
With mind befuddled by worldy cares
I pored through hues painted on distant horizon
Touched by the twilight's sunken grave.

I was mesmerized by a fading sun
Lissomely splaying its last enticing rays
Its crimson banner gently faded
When the sky's curtain pulled to a close.

In lieu of the sun, the moon took centerstage
And meted out words of wisdom and of praise
It successfully untangled strands of my thought
Once trapped in confusion to grasp sober truth.

One Good Friday night...
I gaped in awe at the moon rising in Sta. Fe
Made solemn those conversations between my God and me
Ebbs and flows of sobbing came, one heart learned to fly
Painstakingly sketched in mind a moon drawn on Sta. Fe's sky.