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Sunday, February 05, 2006



A lonely stretch of scattered clouds
Cloaked Manunggal's bald crown with bands of cobalt
Crossed high heavens below the stars' lethargic hiccups
Cheered the distant horizon with nary a word
Slicked wet by TaƱon's Strait's playful spews
Licked good by darkness' slimy tongue.

A lonely stretch of scattered clouds
Must had, in wild abandon, passed by roaring oceans
And passionately embraced the waves' sonorous laughter
But, then, these clouds had slowly disintegrated
When the envious Kanlaon blew its fiercest winds
Which ripped and tore the clouds' fragile bonding.

Charcoal gray Manunggal stood out on this side of the universe
Incandescent smears of ray brushed her deforested peak
In the language of silence, to every mountaineer, she did speak
Then her ridges sung an old hymn on the twilight's tolling
When the enveloping shroud of night was declaring
The graceful exit of one Saturday.