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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Made for masquerade

Made for masquerade

the white waves' caps somehow
taught me again to smear and smudge
lined surface with words full
of life - and of exaggeration
in lieu of a sure answer to pangs of pain,
strikes of anxiety; to beats of love
and strokes of passion; to screams of

i was always told to love, never to feign affection;
to let go in the end while keeping the friendship alive;
to be free of the emotional struggles
wrestled through all of these times;
to be truly proud of this magical

i was made to smile
though my heart's been smashed a zillion times;
to pretend and to suffer
silently the sting of

i was made to dance
to your kind of music;
to move with your groove;
to take in easy drags of complicated

i was made your laughing stock
yet, i was totally blind;
it is only in you i've learned to trust...
despite shame, i have continued to love without

i am nothing but a puppet
hands tied with strings to poles
i amuse audience with this cruel spell
designed to become a speck of dust in the