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Sunday, February 05, 2006


by Maria Eleanor Elape Valeros

Laid stiff 'neath a cold earth mound
My eyes searched for answers
Across the sky.

For two scores and a decade -
I befriended nobody but Solitude.

I had a heart, and a name too.
Yet, I am unworthy to be remembered.

Am eaten up by years of silence
Unspoken agony, stream of tears.
Now boxed up, deprived of
Existence --- forever.

Flesh went back to dust
Dreams didn't find their way.
Found no meaning in schoolworks,
Household chores and
Earning a living.


Everything's been taken
The body, the soul
To take
Part of the clouds and
The brown cold clay
Deep beneath.

Eyes closed.
Am destined to be born in glory
Only to put a sour end
To every sweet sweat
Which flowed out of
Labor ----- and pain!