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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gary V: MTV Generations awardee

Gary V: MTV Generations awardee
by Maria Eleanor Elape Valeros
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Donning the Champ's Belt for being the first recipient of the MTV Pilipinas 2005 Generations Award that acknowledges the excellence he has poured into his craft and his spirituality in contemporary Gospel songs, as well as his contribution in the harnessing, promotion and acceptance of original Pilipino music not only in the country but also overseas, and for being an exemplar of both character and talent to a string of songbirds and a pod of budding artists, Gary "Mr. Pure Energy" Valenciano received the award that speaks best of his elevation into an icon in Philippine music industry.

The award in the form of a belt of a boxing champion tops other recognitions such as the five Aliw Awards as 1983 Best Male Entertainer in Hotels, Night Clubs and Restaurants; 1984 Entertainer of the Year; 1987 Entertainer of the Year; 1987 Best Concert of the Year, "Pure Energy"; nine Awit Awards for the year 1988 for "Take Me out of the Dark"; 1987 Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Religious Song, Best Inspirational Song, Best Ballad Performance, Moving Thoughts; 1987 Album of the Year, "Eto Na Naman", and 1990, Best Arranger for Vocal Recording and Best Pop for Middle of the Road Performance, among other awards for film and television.

Before the recognition was handed over to him, bands Session Road and Sugarfree did a repertoire of Gary V.'s classic hits "Eto na Naman" and "Di Bale na Lang" arranged to a weaving of accompaniments typical of the new age, but careful enough not to insult his maturity, debase his bankability, or blaspheme his creativity that has cut deep into the lives of every music enthusiast from no particular age bracket he has touched through music in a span of over two decades.

The Generations Award recognized that never in the history of the entertainment industry in the Philippines has there been a talent as versatile and as respected as Gary V - singer, actor, composer, producer, musical director and arranger, dancer, and musician.

Sporting on a hairdo inspired by animé characters typical of youngsters today, with hairstrands standing on ends after a little squeeze and massage of styling gel, Gary looked years younger that his dancing prowess not only "jammed" with that of his secondborn, Gabriel (Gabby) but also his age.

Surviving many life-threatening moments, that kind of life he anticipates will soon be cut short by the complications of diabetes mellitus, and of which he had fought for like a real warrior even when his heart is like a child, Gary saw himself last Monday, September 19, with Gabby beating the drums to "Hataw Na" (yes, no other accompaniment) backed up by PowerPlay. You would never see in him the signs of a sick man. Gary V. is positive energy personified!

Meanwhile, Gabby not only got his father's good looks, but also that prowess for struts - the grooves Gary's generation is best remembered. Father and son beat the drums and gyrated to "Hataw Na" to the amusement of the audience, some at the side of the centerstage gone gaga over the musical bonding the duo shared.

Gary recognized the musical genius of artists - those who had stayed this or that long - and those just budding and some bidding. He appreciated his songs being sung by Sugarfree and Session Road, saying it is nice to hear renditions of his chartbusters arranged by musical geniuses who utilize new devices and techniques to achieve a sound that would match the taste craved for and consumed by this generation, audio-wise.

"That's what I would really want to hear, my songs sung by these people, giving it a finer tune, giving it a new sound that appeals to whom this is made for," Gary V. said as he waved the champ's belt to a legion of cheering admirers.(/30)