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Monday, March 07, 2005

Cinders in space

by maria eleanor elape valeros

Paril’s night sky –
festooned once again
with the myriad of stars,
one old moon sailing
past clouds, and the
one Name I etched upon it.

The stars lethargic hiccups
spoke of the Name
and my heart drummed

My soul is just
a cinder in space
along with the falling stars,
but it finds delight in
that Name the cherubims
praise – Awesome God!

Even constellations shatter
to join the specks of dust
but they delight in that
fate as they shout – Awesome Omnipotent!

With you Awesome Omnipresent
I find my peace
not in indoctrination, but spiritual bonding
not in transubstantiation, but natural communion

With you Awesome Omniscient
I rest my case
No ifs, no buts – just utmost surrender
All loving, all giving – no questions raised

You are my Awesome –
my Alpha
my Omega!
I delight in being a cinder
in the immensity of your space!