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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Love, oh love!

by Maria. Eleanor Elape Valeros
February 14, 2005

What do you know about love?

Today is Valentine’s Day, a time of the year best spent delving into matters of the heart, and the things that one can spin when blinded by love’s passions!It’s already my 7th V-Day here in front of this rickety, virus-hounded computer, still cranking up the keys in the hope of documenting again the raging of romantic words that are spilling all over my mind.

Still, I always have a hard time catching up with that tumbling of thoughts, persistently fighting for every delicious word to survive, carefully tracking beautiful words justifying how I felt about being hit by the arrows of love – that kind of love that consumes with its fierce, intense and passionate throbbing – weaving them all into a thousand and one love poems.

It’s my 7th V-Day at work and again pictures of friends who can sing to their beaus over and over again old romantic notes with all of the outpouring of emotions flash before my monitor like screensavers. Another image is that of a foster grandfather who can still make that serenade of the immortal Maala-ala Mo Kaya before his wife, now gray, wrinkled and bent, whom he had promised to love, care and cherish for the rest of his life – “for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part”!

Love, oh love! It’s my 7th V-Day at work and am still struck with the bolts of being a sentimental, romantic fool. Indeed, the heart has its reasons that Reason itself cannot even reason out why. The heart has its own principles, and only those who are hit by Cupid’s arrows can understand how potent its influences are.

We are created because of love. We are born out of love. We are made to love by a God, who is Himself, Love. Who can be cynical about love? It is the cosmos’ fifth element sustaining life. It is the central theme of songs, movies and stories reflecting our own lives made complete and whole by this ability to love. Who can go against its raging, wild forces? Love is the principle of our existence and its only end. But then, like God, love can never be realized by one who is not pure of heart.

Through super-segments of time, the magniloquent expressions of true love will be as bright as the million stars sprinkled by the Awesome who designed love for all of the world to explore and enjoy. It will rise above its opposing current, which is lust. It’s the kind of love that will make one see her as attractive even if she’s weird, or see him adorable even if he is stupid, or see her as lovable even if she is gross. True love will never fade. Like gold, it is tested best with fire.

¤ ¤ ¤Let me take a space in space to give way to my Valentine greetings for the people I am in love with, all these years. Thank you folks for teaching me how to love: The Awesome God (my Alpha and Omega), Papa Vic (I miss our bible debates), Mama Rose (I miss our scrabble sessions), my sister Nanette who has grown to be a fine woman, my brother Darwin who has his own space in space now, my best friend Helen Galolo-Malusay (bring me sometime to Ground Zero, please), my soulmate Winley Alueta, my chatmate Joshua Sumignan (thanks for real time), my colleague Garry Blanco Lao (belated happy 25th birthday), my soul buddies Vener Bueno Albao, Jocelyn Ulla, Maribeth Berongan and Baylon Lampaug. And to my chatmates j_dream, willvin, jazzpogs, mastaclyde, kelvin_waffito, mackie_extreme, aprilsatchje, sweetjuicygirl, jad3ph, cotone, shirvinbry, kisselyme, hotmaria, dako_nga_taas, romeo, war_ningdbh, cymurai, slash_and_burn, simply_jessie, tweetie_gurl, prince_of_darkness, prince_achilles, killuazoldick, stripesandsolid, pacwoman, ikong_budlat, cutie_cool, maria, loctob, vills44, v_ezra, cris_maler, mikkyboi, goats_eye, clifford_jaca, dhwardex, american_idiot, fzanoria, spug_devon, randell_mcthrow, pusang_iring_strike, tekwa_80, gayon_bryan, darling27villarba, psychotron, poyet60, lordtoshin, mahigugmaon, and d_original_sigbin; and my bosom buddy in the making - visualman.

Thank you for my column “reactors” anggwaponi, vj_cito, caelihan, sir loloy of cebucreations, sir dodong of madagascar, africa; cotone, j_dream, fancy_face, and lover. And of course to my fellow climbers (trekkers, backpackers), you’re all my Valentine! Mountaineering gave me back my life, this you should know. Thanks Sir Boy D, Marites, Jack, Boyet, Cris, Richard, Cerna, Leila, Minda, Papa Neil, Jeffrey, Fordz, Peter Mark, Mark Waray, Anthony Winey, Alex, Joseph Lyndon and Bing. LET ME SAY I LOVE YOU ALL BEFORE DOING SUCH WOULD BE TOO LATE.

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