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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Linkin' is comin'

by Maria Eleanor Elape Valeros
June 14, 2004; posted at www.thefreeman.com

This column is at an advantage coming out on a Monday, the youth issue, because I have long wanted to deal on the issues of this particular sector. Lemme start with the way parents are reacting to our youth swooning to nu or speed metal and hooked to the grooowwwling stuff in their MP3s.

The youth’s admiration for Linkin’ Park of Hybrid Theory (2000) and Meteora (2003) fame stems from moving about in their angst-ridden world.

Linkin’ is coming for its Meteora Tour in Manila, tomorrow, June 15. Your adolescent children will be trooping to ticketrons, grabbing a place in a river of all-standing, head-banging audience to get a glimpse of Chester Bennington (vocals), Roub Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitars), Phoenix Farrell (bass), Mike Shinoda (emcee, vocals, sampling) with Joseph Hahn (records, sampling).
Refrain from casting aspersions. Linkin doesn’t even use any curses or swear-words in its lyrics.

Instead of pumpin’ up your inner volume, why not take a trip down Meteora lane, splice up some song lines, focus on the music’s fibers. Music mirrors a nation’s psyche. The lyrics assault a filthy world that is slowly choking our youth. Hear them despise parental shortcomings. Listen to their complaints on some elders who haven’t given them examples worthy of respect and emulation. Our young people are responding to stimuli.

The youth find it Easier to Run: "Sometimes I remember/the darkness of my past/ bringing back these memories/I wish I didn’t have/sometimes I think of letting go/and never looking back/and never moving forward/so there would never be a past."

Do you think our youth rejoice in our leader’s decision on crucial issues affecting the nation’s future? About the things this country reaped after the recent electoral exercise? Have we noticed that many of them are slowly losing their nationalist pride?

Most of our children are facing helplessness (broken families, deterioration of cultural and family values, widespread corruption in the education system), displacement-misplacement (tired of seeing family exported to some foreign labor forces, work opportunities are scarce, so are concrete programs on development of technical skills and the proper forum for healthy discussions and debates on their topmost concern—sex and sexuality). Numbness replaces pain, teaching them that retreat is so much easier than facing the issues squarely.

And so they take everything From the Inside: "I take everything from the inside/and throw it all away/‘cause I swear/for the last time/I won’t trust myself with you."

Our youth aren’t that dumb to trust their future in a government that is not even so sure of its direction, or to entrust their pride to a nation adrift and decaying.

Linkin' Park is coming. Should the elders smirk at how our youth swoon to the music they find too loud? Should they sneer at such genre of music the young ones find appealing?

Linkin’ is the amplification of our young children’s stories, issues, concerns. Most of the time, the youth have been seen, but never heard. Now, they growl and they scream against the numbness in the world. Why are the parents complaining?

Our young people are just screaming back at us for things we could have taught them gently. They have found in our raised voices the wrong way of commanding respect; of trails we could have blazed for them but never had the time; of paths we could have bushwhacked if only we sincerely cared.

And they sang Numb: "I’ve become so numb/I can’t feel you there/I become so tired/so much more aware/I’m becoming this/All I want to do/is be more like me/and be less like you."

Our youth definitely want to be heard! And taken seriously.©